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What we do and have done...


Consulting Services for innovative IP ideation

For years we have consulted and partnered with some of the most influential companies in the world to create unique products and licenses. We look forward to partner to create the next big idea for your organization.


Product Development

When the need arises from our strategic consulting and ideation we can provide product development services. We have many years experience developing innovative products and solutions based on several unique industry needs.

Currently we are working on the leading edge of AR/VR applications focused on education and development of increased cognitive emotional intelligence.


IP Product Commercialization

We have years of experience successfully launching innovative products and services to the global markets.

We help you with strategy and tactics that validate market acceptance and ongoing business viability. 

Our IP/Products Developed

Click the Image to link to more information about products and services we have designed, innovated and brought to market.


DreamAuthentics Arcades


Jolt Video Live Platform

SCI FI LIFE Round.png

Sci-Fi Life Roblox Game


iRecord Enterprise Recording

Esports World Records Blue.png

esports World Records

game on.jpg

Game On Publishing


GameVR Metaverse


Tornado Spinner


Game On esports Center

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