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Our Story

Internet Wealth University
Connecting Passion to Education

The landscape of education has forever changed POST-COVID. Distance and remote learning became a necessary way of existence in life which encompassed both work and education. 

Through other partnerships such as Hope Training Academy we realized the importance that connecting a learner's passion to education does during the learning process as it relates to finding a career that is abundanty meaningful for each learner.

Through Skills Based Hiring - today's employers are looking for specialized knowledge and experience. We created a platform for learners of all ages across MANY topics of learning can advance their career and gain the skills you need online.

This business has been designed to meet workforce demand Developed by industry experts Delivered through top colleges and universities.

Earning a certificate from top colleges and universities is more accessible and affordable than ever through Internet Wealth University. Through our partner network, our students can gain the skills and certifications employers look for across 2,000+ Academic Institutions, 80+ Corporations and 100+ Workforce Agencies.

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